We nurture boutique competences in modern technologies and engineering approaches, helping our clients to reinvent their businesses

Salesforce Development

Capturing and addressing your client's needs from a 360-degree perspective is a fundamental requirement of any successful business. When utilized to their full potential, Salesforce provides an integrated set of tools that unlock the sales potential while providing a synchronization layer for all your business functions, ultimately aligning them to client's needs.
We help design, configure, and maintain your Salesforce solution, focusing on utilizing the Salesforce stack to its maximum potential, delivering business outcomes faster.
We can also help your teams integrate Salesforce implementation into the enterprise IT stack, connecting it with the custom and third-party applications.
Niche Expertise
We nurture boutique competences in modern technologies and engineering approaches, helping our clients to reinvent their businesses
Data & Analytics (AI, ML, Big Data)
In this new world of exponentially growing datasets, we employ advanced analytics to help our clients uncover insights that drive business performance improvements, unlocking their competitive potential.
Cloud Adoption
We are experienced in helping organizations to migrate their existing infrastructures or natively build applications in the cloud.
DevOps Automation, and SRE
To accelerate digital transformation, we utilize the modern processes and scale environments, as well as build continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows, enabling consistency, reliability, and efficiency within your organizations, making it easier for teams to discover and troubleshoot problems.
The Blockchain paradigm is revolutionizing businesses across multiple industries and domains, from education to supply chain management, from digital content distribution to investment management, from healthcare to crowdfunding.
Omni-Channel Development
As the world's digitalization accelerates, consistent, engaging, responsive, frictionless storefront of your business is not a competitive edge anymore - it is a hard requirement to stay in business.
Smart RPA & No-code Development
We collaborate with the top-tier providers in the RPA space to help you automate repetitive tasks, reduce error and manual intervention levels in the front-, middle-, and back-office of your organization, addressing such needs as Client Lifecycle Management, Data Management, Claims Processing, Transactions Monitoring and beyond.
UX Architecture
User Experience (UX) Architecture is an emerging discipline that connects aesthetics, ergonomics, and economics of how users interact with software systems, specifically through visual channels.
Test Automation and Test-Driven Development (TDD)
Our development process practices Test Automation and Test-Driven Development as a foundation for the rapid development of high-quality software products.
Mobile Applications Development
We currently live in the rush of digital enablement, extending end-user direct outreach and introducing more and more on-the-go use cases for businesses. Let our teams of experts drive your mobile app to become a first-class citizen in the all-mobile world.
The Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging discipline in the market of smart home appliances. Our teams are experts in firmware development for embedded systems based on RTOS.