We help clients accelerate digital transformation through our superior software engineering expertise, technology mastery, seasoned management oversight, and strategic approach to partnership

Custom Software Development
We specialize in high-quality software engineering, bringing together top talent, cutting edge technologies, and proven engagement models.
Agile Pod
We extend client IT teams with small custom Agile units, ranging from 2 to 4 members. We take care of our people's motivation and provide oversight to ensure maximum delivery efficiency.
Dedicated Team
We assemble a dedicated, multi-skilled, seniority-balanced software engineering team of 5-10 experts who can efficiently deliver components of the implementation backlog.
Engineering Center
We partner with the client to set up a dedicated engineering center that typically comprises 2 and more cross-functional teams. In this model, our teams can tackle broad sets of requirements and deliver on high-level functionality agenda.
Advanced Engagements
We have extensive expertise in risk transfer models, ultimately based on a commitment for end results.
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Fixed Price Fixed Scope
A fixed cost pricing guarantees a fixed budget for the project, regardless of the time and expense. The fixed cost pricing model approach is best suited for projects with clear delivery deadlines (often driven by external dependencies) and requires an upfront analysis phase to lock in duration, scope, and budget.
Managed Service
Our team is equipped to take on full front-to-back responsibility for evolving and maintaining your IT platforms, functions, or processes, leading to improved quality of services and reduced costs. Jointly, we will define a contractually binding set of service level agreements to monitor and improve the performance and quality of the services rendered. The payment model, in this case, is similar to a subscription model, with equal monthly or quarterly bills.
"Build-Operate-Transfer" Model
For companies that contemplate running their own operations in cost-effective locations but unsure where to start, we offer a flexible building model and running a dedicated center, with an option (but not the obligation) to buy out. The gradual development of exposure and expertise in dealing with global teams, culminating in potential full internalization of the capability, provides peace of mind regarding typical concerns of IP retention and cost containment.
Unique Needs - Custom Models
Your circumstances are unique, and it doesn't seem like any of the models we listed are quite right? Do not hesitate to reach out; our seasoned leadership is always keen to design a solution that will meet your requirements!
IT Consulting
We support customers' IT initiatives by tackling components or entire chains of technology strategy, architecture, implementation, and operations.
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Front-to-back Solution Design
We will take on the full process of envisioning, designing, and building the solution to fit your business objectives. Our proven model encompasses an approach to elicit the high-level requirements and define the context, design visual interfaces and user journeys, and the solution architecture. We can also take on the full implementation cycle once the solution design is approved, including building an MVP, validating the market response, scaling, deploying and further evolving the solution.
Dedicated Team
As cloud infrastructure evolves at an ever-increasing speed, hosting your solution in a cloud (or multi-cloud) environment requires more and more (manual) operations. Managing cloud infrastructures and workloads distract IT teams from critical, high-impact projects. Beyond that, designing for the reliability of the solution is a distinct discipline in itself nowadays. With those concerns in mind, we assembled a team of professionals, designed automation models, and technology stacks that, when put to work, will free up your team's time and attention to business-impactful initiatives.
CI/CD Automation
Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are methodologies that enable engineering teams to deliver business-impactful changes faster, more frequently, and reliably. Broadly accepted as the foundation for any effective engineering delivery these days, it requires solid approaches to culture and automation to accelerate time-to-market and increase quality. Our teams use CI/CD Pipelines Automation for every project we engage in, starting with an assessment of the processes as one of the prerequisites to onboarding. As a result of many engagements, we formed our philosophy to CI/CD automation, that shaped into a distinct consulting offering.
Distributed Delivery Operating Model Design
As a result of our 50+ years of experience in providing IT engineering services across global locations, we have formulated a framework for maximizing throughput of your distributed delivery. The ingredients are simple and logical; however, due to a number of factors and constraints, we see engagements fail to achieve their full potential time and again. We would be delighted to share our practical expertise with you. designing the operating model for your distributed delivery or reviewing your existing partnership model.
Software Development Process Optimization
Your IT team is not delivering to your expectations? We have developed a robust framework to benchmark the engineering processes, collecting relevant metrics on delivery performance and quality, both through automated data extraction from a DevOps stack and qualitative assessments by engaging key stakeholders. As a result, we produce a detailed assessment and improvement recommendations; we can also help guide your teams in implementing the required changes.
Agile Adoption Consulting
Agile delivery methodologies became commonplace in the current fast-paced world of IT where requirements are anything but stable, however many companies are still lagging behind in realizing the full potential of iterative implementation models. Our consulting services range from assessing the readiness to transition to Agile, to selecting the right enterprise Agile Frameworks, to helping start pilot projects, to measuring the progress and recommending the improvements in achieving planned ROI through Agile practices. We also help interweave the methodological principles into technical practices (from the way user stories and epics are designed to how to integrate CI/CD models into the process and beyond). We are also skilled in mentoring the management teams on how to define the business-oriented metrics and adopt Agile management practices (flexible funding, Agile portfolio management, incentives for Agile projects, etc.).