Through our vast experience of developing custom software for our clients, we shaped and refined our approach to architecting successful engagements.

The Right Question
We always start with "why". We apply our versatile industry knowledge and technology expertise to understand the unique circumstances the client operates in, the drivers for the transformation, and key success factors. We offer a free of charge engagement workshop to understand the context. The outcome of the workshop is a formulated response that encompasses various aspects of the future engagement, implementation roadmap, envisioned architecture and technological stack, timelines, and team composition
Team Composition
We assemble a team of engineering professionals that addresses all required technology and business components - a typical squad would consist of Development and QA Engineers, a System / Functional Analyst, and a Scrum Master. The squads are formed into self-sufficient, autonomous delivery units that are capable of addressing streams of work or the entire project.
We employ Agile techniques to achieve maximum velocity in the shortest amount of time and maintain quality and, more importantly, motivation of the team over the duration of the project. Where needed, we offer consulting and advisory on ways to improve clients processes
Knowledge Management
We aim to help clients nurture their IP and are proactively work on knowledge sharing with the clients' IT and business staff, maintain detailed documentation (including self-documenting code and extensive automation test suites), and cross-train our teams to avoid potential bottlenecks and knowledge loss risks
We assign Customer Success Managers to all our engagements to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
"We believe that we exist to help address our clients' IT transformation challenges, and with that in mind, we keep looking for ways to deliver faster, less expensive and with a higher level of quality"