We continuously invest our focus into developing vertical expertise to best understand and address the unique specifics of our clients' needs

Financial Services
Through various engagements, our team developed a wide range of expertise in Banking and Financial Services domains, including Capital Markets (both sell- and buy-side), Wealth Management, Core Banking, as well as Treasury, Group Functions, and specifics in the Financial & Alternative Data provisioning domain. We are sufficiently versed in the field to speak the same language with you, and are able to support your needs from the get-go.
Our team contributed into implementations of the innovative, industry-recognized In-Vehicle Infotainment platforms, ADAS, Navigation, Connectivity, and Telematics functionality. We also enabled Autonomous Driving tech for a variety of Major OEMs and Tier-1 providers. Beyond software development capabilities, we possess expertise in System and Integration testing for a multitude of production cars.
Healthcare is at the forefront of the global agenda, with patient demographics evolving, cost of care rising, investments accelerating, and new complex health and technology ecosystems revolutionizing the domain. Choose us to help your company conquer the change. We are experienced in building scalable, robust, regulatory-compliant solutions for the healthcare and life sciences sector.
The disconnect between the expectations of digitally-native customers and the Insurance industry's levels of technology adoption is one of the most profound ones across all industry verticals. We help Insurance companies bridge this gap.
Distance learning has become one of the biggest trends, focusing on connectivity, versatility, and user-centered experience. Whether you are an EdTech startup, online school, educational establishment, or a training center, let us integrate pieces of technology into your educational process to build better teaching/learning experiences by:
Our recipe? A blend of engineering excellence, strong understanding and alignment to ASPICE framework, and adoption of modern Agile methodologies.
We contributed to the development of technical solutions that help life sciences organizations increase patient engagement by combining data sources and drawing insights from advanced analytics.
One of the biggest sources of funding for further digitalization is optimizing operational processes. We utilize Smart Robotic Process Automation to move away from manual processing of Claims.
Combining an online learning platform and a Learning Management System (LMS) so you can keep track of users' learning outcomes.
We participated in the implementations of effective HCP touchpoints, that involved commercial technologies and CLM applications.
We helped pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers by building education and professional training platforms for physicians and pharmacists.
We can help use Big data and Machine Analytics to transform actuarial modeling.
Connected mobility is set to transform the way we commute. This will impact the way auto insurance works. Employing Blockchain-based models and our Automotive expertise, we can help you ride the wave. We are also experienced with telematics-based models for actualizing client risk profiles based on driver behaviors.
Connecting our expertise in Healthcare & Insurance, we can help you transform the way people interact with clinics and doctors, ultimately leading to lower insurance claims and higher client satisfaction ratios.
Launching a platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and ePortfolio to provide multimedia to address diverse learning styles, such as animation, live video, etc.
Utilizing blockchain's distributed ledger approach to register study accomplishments.
Automating fundamental activities like grading or monitoring student progress on learning analytics by using AI as a powerful assistant for teaching.
Increasing the level of engagement with gamification elements and bringing a tremendous change in an educational experience with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR); and more.